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Our picking control system PROLAG®Go uses technologies such as pick-by-voice headsets, smart glasses, tablets and other mobile devices to show your pickers the shortest paths through the warehouse. The application assists with stock putaway, relocation, picking, production supply and disposal, shipping as well as a host of other intralogistics processes.

Move efficiently through your warehouse

Good to know: our  mobile picking control system can be integrated with PROLAG®World or used as a stand-alone product.

Let PROLAG®Go be your guide: the software transmits transport orders to the mobile devices enabling efficient forward planning and streamlined workflows – all completely paperless.

Process optimisation

PROLAG®Go is a self-optimising system: with functions for route optimisation, order prioritisation, task interleaving, reducing waiting times, monitoring transport operations and generating individual statistics and analyses, you can achieve optimal resource allocation and capacity planning.

Seamless communication

Communication between PROLAG®Go and the mobile device takes place online – all stock bookings and stock movements can be viewed by the picker in real time. Mobile devices are connected to PROLAG®Go over a mobile or wireless network.

Integrated transport route planning

The system determines the best paths for forklift and pedestrian traffic and also factors in height restrictions, aisle widths or restricted access zones. It selects the right picker or transport route based on this information. PROLAG®Go eliminates the risk of collision by allocating orders such that only a certain number of warehouse staff are allowed in a given area at any one time. Moreover, the system ensures that forklift operators and pedestrians do not use the same route at the same time in order to improve safety.

Versatile usage

PROLAG®Go features a flexible and modular design: your basic warehousing needs are met by the standard picking control system with a wide selection of add-on modules to cover additional requirements. These extra modules can be added any time, giving you the flexibility you need to deal with short-term changes or unexpected challenges in the future.

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