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The HOCHDORF group is one of the market leaders in Switzerland in developing, producing and marketing wholesome foodstuffs and ingredients from milk and cereals.


  • Host system CSB
  • Database MS SQL Server
  • Operating system Windows 7
  • Users 20 at one site


  • Automated high-bay storage system with pallet conveying system by our partner Gilgen Logistics AG, Oberwangen (CH)
  • Storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  • Management of packing materials such as cans, sacks and boxes/cartons as well as components such as spoons, bases and lids for packaging infant formula milk.
  • Picking areas and bulk storage areas on three levels with a total of 4,000 pallet slots.
  • Warehouse comprises hygiene areas, logistics areas, a production area as well as refrigerated areas for freezing and cold storage.
  • An average of 1,200 pallet removals per day.


  • Connectivity to shrink wrap machines
  • Connectivity to labelling machines
  • PLC connectivity (programmable logic controller)


  • Host interface to CSB (ERP system)
  • PLC interface to automated conveyor technology


  • Scheduled, ‘lean’ goods receipt with only two scanning operations via CSB (host system).
  • Cost centre management (based on CSB specifications).
  • Management by stock characteristics (e.g. prioritisation of frozen goods).
  • Full traceability through expiry date and batch management.
  • Cross-docking as part of shortage item handling.
  • Stock removals based on SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), the FEFO principle or order specifications.


  • PROLAG®World is integrated into existing IT infrastructure
  • Picking speed increases from 800 to 1,200 pallets a day, partly thanks to the integrated conveyor technology
  • ‘Leaner’, simplified goods receipt processes
  • Stock levels in the WMS and ERP systems are synchronised
  • Material flow control for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and packing materials
  • Improved quality management
  • Standardised processes

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