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Carl Nolte Technik GmbH

System partner for industry and municipalities with an extensive portfolio of services and quality products.


  • Host system Alphaplan
  • Database MS SQL-Server
  • Operating system Windows 7
  • Users 20 at one site


  • Around 54,000 articles in a total of 362 article groups
  • Approx. 800 different bills of material
  • An average of 700 stock movements daily
  • Pallet racking and shelving systems, block storage, cantilever racks
  • Automated conveyance of goods to storage racks and packing area
  • Product portfolio: products, system components and semi-finished goods from the fields of hose technology, compressed air technology, occupational safety and operating supplies as well as conveyor technology, elastomer technology and plastics


  • Activation of container conveyor technology
  • Cantilever racks for storing large boards and sheets


  • Host interface to INFOR AS
  • Interfaces to conveyor technology


  • Scheduled good receipt via Alphaplan
  • Returns processing
  • Quality assurance
  • Shortage item processing
  • Management of empty containers
  • Article outer packaging
  • Stock attributes (e. g. characteristics)
  • ABC-classification
  • Cutting and packaging of hoses and plastic sheets; cutting at the storage location or assembly area
  • Sequential picking and parallel picking
  • Forklift routing system for paperless picking
  • Shipping system: Shipping with forwarders and parcel delivery services


  • PROLAG®World is integrated into the existing IT-Infrastruktur
  • Picking speeds increase thanks to integrated conveyor technology
  • Reduction of cutting waste through optimal reservation of lengthmanaged articles (avoidance of small trim quantities, using up of residues, delivery of whole length)
  • Option for online stocktaking
  • Paperless environment
  • Autonomous and standardized processes

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