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Allgäu Milch Käse EG

Allgäu Milch Käse eG (or Allmikäs for short) has been producing healthy and affordable dairy products since 1960. Selected organic, mountain and dairy farmers supply the milk for the products which are all sustainably produced.


  • Host system Novicon
  • Database Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Operating system Windows Server
  • Users 16


  • Approx. 1,500 storage bin locations at the company’s facility in Kimratshofen as well as five external logistics centres and two external workbenches
  • Article range: various cheese, butter and quark specialties
  • Approx. 500 articles are stocked, of which around 60 are active articles
  • Warehouse layout: automatic flow rack, floor storage for Euro pallets, gravity flow rack for Euro pallets, block storage area
  • Production of finished products such as cheese, butter or quark from various raw materials such as milk


  • Connectivity to printers (cab) and RF devices (Datalogic, Honeywell)
  • Connectivity to laboratory measuring devices, pump control system and scales
  • Connectivity to palletizing robots
  • Connectivity to conveyor system by M.A.S. Automation
  • Connectivity to automatic stacker cranes


  • Interface to host system Novicon
  • Interface to logistics service provider Dachser
  • Interface to printers and RF devices
  • Interface to conveyor system and automatic stacker cranes


  • Production at Allmikäs is a continuous process running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Stock movements: approx. 1,000 putaways, 400 relocations and 1,000 retrievals per day


  • PROLAG®World converter
  • Batch management, continuous batch tracking and raw material history
  • Creation and management of GTIN labels, GS1 barcode identification
  • Block storage area: some lanes store one article only
  • Automatic release from QA when laboratory values are available
  • Management of minimum storage duration, cooling and maturation periods/times as well as random sampling and laboratory tests
  • Production fulfilment by replenishment: order-based replenishment at goods issue
  • Production: management of finished products (such as cheese)
  • External workbenches with production (bill of material explosion with clearing account for finished products/raw materials)
  • Full integration of production and storage using a conveyor system with stacker crane
  • Production with late reservation and connectivity of load units
  • Preparation of production orders
  • Production processes on the conveyor system
  • Connection of production fulfilment area with driverless transport systems
  • Customer-specific palletizing (and picking)
  • Customer-specific expiry date check at goods issue
  • Streamlined goods issue process (loading straight from finished products storage area)


  • Seamless traceability of individual raw materials and batches
  • Optimised control of conveyor system and stacker cranes
  • System-controlled monitoring of maturation processes, stock relocations, random sampling, and so on
  • 24/7 monitoring of conveyor system

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