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Throughout the history of our company, the ability to innovate and be flexible have been constant strengths.


The start of a success story

Company founder Fritz Mayr develops PROLAG – a software program for warehouse management and control written in C.

PROLAG is implemented in an automated warehouse

A year later, engineers at CIM develop a picking control system, making it possible to control certain processes using a wireless data interface.


CIM GmbH becomes a certified SAP partner

PROLAG is now certified to integrate fully with SAP/R3 systems. SAP continues to endorse our software to this day.

PROLAG®World – a new software solution is born

Developers at CIM make a major breakthrough. PROLAG is redesigned and implemented in JAVA. This not only introduces hardware independence but also internet capability and simpler upgrade options. CIM is and continues to be a pioneer in this area.


CIM GmbH releases PROLAG®World 2.0

The new release is again validated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. Functions for owner/client administration, system-guided picking, warehouse billing and hazardous materials management are now an integral part of the standard.

CIM GmbH becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner

The benefits for our customers: access to a comprehensive expertise and services portfolio.


PROLAG®World becomes a logistics suite

While warehouse management remains the core PROLAG®World module, numerous additional functions such as controlling, monitoring, billing, shipping and customs are now available.

Enhanced site and owner administration

Logistics centres at different sites with different stock owners can be managed simultaneously.


Tailoring the WMS software to your specific needs

The world’s first WMS configurator goes online. This tool allows potential users to configure their own WMS using our flexible UltraFlex technology.

Your warehouse – your world

CIM launches the newly designed business intelligence module with its freely configurable dashboard.


Mobile processes for the future

CIM develops PROLAG®Go for easy mobile picking and optimal process guidance.

New design and enhanced usability

PROLAG®World gets a new look. The software is completely reworked to reflect a modern UX design and intuitive interface.


Latest news and press releases

ZIM-Förderung für das selbstlernende WMS PROLAG®World

„SeSoGEN – Entwicklung einer selbstlernenden Software zur Generierung intelligenter Einlagerungsstrategien auf Basis neuronaler Netze“ – so lautet der offizielle Titel des Forschungsvorhabens der CIM GmbH und der Technischen Universität München. Im Rahmen des Projektes entwickeln die Forschungspartner ein Warehouse-Management-System, das…

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E-Commerce Logistics

Digital commerce is booming. And according to a study into e-commerce strategies for midsize retailers, it’s a trend that looks set to continue: The study predicts that in five years’ time, more than one in four euros will be generated…

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Leserpreis des Fachmagazins materialfluss

Das Fachmagazin materialfluss hat das neue User Interface von PROLAG®World zum Produkt des Jahres in der Kategorie Software nominiert. Die Jury zeigte sich überzeugt von der ergonomischen und intuitiven Oberfläche des Warehouse-Management-Systems. Nun haben die Leser die Wahl: Aus dem…

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