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Innovative logistics solutions made to meet your individual needs

We’re a leading provider of innovative, sophisticated warehouse management software and supplementary services. Would you like to make your warehouse more efficient, transparent and future-proof by bringing your intralogistics processes into the digital world? Use our intelligent and integrated solutions to create a system that is perfectly tailored to your warehousing needs.

Intralogistics software

Manage your logistics processes intelligently and securely with our warehouse management software PROLAG®World. Choose the basic package or one of our many industry-specific solutions to meet all your warehousing requirements and more.

Software add-ons

The modular design concept of PROLAG®World means maximum flexibility for your warehouse. With add-ons such as the PROSEND® shipping system, our WMS is sure to meet the individual needs of your warehouse.

Warehouse hardware

Why not maximise efficiency in your warehouse by using specially designed WMS hardware? CIM can provide the right technology from reliable partners – from hand-held scanners through printers right up to pick-by-voice solutions.

Which warehouse management solution is the best fit for your warehouse?

Our easy-to-use key fact analysis tool will help you find the right warehouse management software components and we’re always on hand to provide an individual consultation.

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Bildungsforscher und Elternverbände mahnen in der aktuellen Situation davor, dass das Homeschooling oft nicht gerecht ist. Gerade in finanzschwächeren Haushalten stehen häufig keine Computer für das Lernen zu Hause zur Verfügung. Die CIM GmbH, LINOS-FFB und die Hans Kiener Stiftung…

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Green Logistics for your warehouse

Sustainability and green process optimisation are on the rise everywhere, in the intralogistics industry too. The good news is that warehouses using the PROLAG®World software are both more sustainable and more cost-effective: The warehouse management system designed by CIM GmbH…

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Digitalisation in the healthcare sector

The corona crisis has been a wake-up call for our healthcare system and indeed for the entire sector. Among other things, the crisis has shown that the digital transformation in healthcare still has a long way to go. Particularly with…

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