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PROLAG®World Cloud

Benefit from high availability and high performance with our cloud-based WMS solutions.

Warehouse management in the cloud

The full PROLAG®World suite is available in the cloud. You can use the software to manage your logistics processes as a web application. It can be run in a web browser on your PC or as an app on smart glasses, a mobile device, smartphone or pick-by-voice device. The warehouse management software (WMS) does not have to be installed separately on the client (smartphone, PC or mobile device). The benefits of the cloud WMS are obvious: the software as a service (SaaS) model means that your warehouse management software is available instantly with no added expense for an IT infrastructure or additional security needs. What’s more, your version always conforms to the state of the art: updates are imported directly.

Build your cloud WMS flexibly and securely:

  • Get started straight away: the cloud WMS is instantly available since the software doesn’t have to be installed on local devices. Our cloud warehouse management is 100 % web-based and compatible with any browser.
  • Unlimited mobility: the data in the cloud WMS can be accessed any time, any place. Regardless of where you happen to be, you can work easily over a WiFi network or mobile network such as LTE, UMTS, 3G or 4G.
  • Central hosting: PROLAG®World in the cloud is hosted in CIM’s certified, highly-available data centres, enabling fast on-demand access and a continuously high level of service.
  • Highest security standards: our data centres in Germany are committed to complying with data protection laws. Data from the warehouse is transferred to the cloud WMS at the data centre through an HTTPS encrypted connection. An IPsec VPN tunnel can also be created for extra security.
  • User-friendly: Thanks to the responsive design approach, PROLAG®World can be run easily and intuitively on any mobile device.
  • Additional services: The cloud-based WMS allows seamless connectivity of mobile or stationary printers for printing various documents in the warehouse. The printers receive the data securely over the WebSocket protocol (print data is encrypted over SSL).

WMS as a private cloud solution

Besides the SaaS model where the infrastructure is provided by CIM, the software can also be purchased as a private cloud solution. In this case, you purchase PROLAG®World and build a cloud WMS solution on you own internal systems.

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