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PROLAG®World E-Commerce

Get your warehouse ready for e-commerce with our add-on for the Trade & Retail package – the perfect solution for handling the complex requirements of the online retail sector.

Our software streamlines your goods receipt, picking and goods issue processes for e-commerce environments where speed and precision are key. Optimise your mobile processes with specially tailored functions for the digital retail sector such as two-step picking and fast packing, as well as intelligent order analysis and dashboard functionalities that guarantee faster reaction times. The add-on can only be purchased in conjunction with our Trade & Retail package.

 CIM E Commerce Retourenmanagement   Returns management
PROLAG®World organises the putaway or reselling of returned items and triggers quality inspections. This streamlines the returns process and optimises resources and cost efficiency.
 CIM E Commerce Auftragsanalyse   Order analysis
Delivery orders are evaluated, sorted and grouped on the basis of predefined criteria. Similar orders are bundled together to guarantee efficient and concise processing and prevent bottlenecks.
 CIM E Commerce One Scan Kommissionierung  

Single scan order picking
Single scan order picking is ideal for orders consisting of one item and one piece. Employees only need to scan the storage slot in order to print the shipping label. The goods are ready to be shipped straight away.

 CIM E Commerce Pick Pack   Pick & Pack
Goods are picked straight from the warehouse shelves into the container or box to be used for shipping. Since no repacking is required, the pick & pack process saves time and allows orders to leave the warehouse much faster.
 CIM E Commerce Schnellverpacken   Fast packing
Fast packing is perfect for orders consisting of one piece with one or two items – a large number of identical orders can be processed at one go. The relevant goods are brought to the packing area where an employee scans them and prints the shipping labels.
 CIM E Commerce Onlineshop Anbindung   Online shop interface
PROLAG®World facilitates demand-driven procurement logistics, optimises your warehouse processes, improves picking efficiency and creates the ideal basis for fast market response times.

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