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PROLAG®World E-Commerce

Get your warehouse ready for e-commerce. As an add-on to the Trade&Retail package, this is the ideal solution for handling the requirements of the online retail sector.

Your one stop shop for e-commerce logistics

Our e-commerce software speeds up processes across the entire warehouse including goods receipt, good issue and order picking. It’s also specially tailored to the needs of the sector. Optimise your mobile processes with two-step picking and a customised packing area. Our intelligent order analysis and dashboard functionalities guarantee faster reaction times. The add-on for e-commerce can only be purchased in conjunction with our Trade&Retail package.

Additional modules and packages can be added any time for extra functionality.

Latest news and press releases

Auf der optimalen Route in die Zukunft

Das Warehouse-Management-System (WMS) PROLAG®World wird zukünftig das automatische und manuelle Lager sowie das Transportmanagement der Gebrüder LIMMERT AG steuern. Das Unternehmen zählt zu den bedeutendsten Elektrogroßhändlern in Österreich und damit zu den Big Playern in einem sich ständig verändernden Markt.…

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Safe, modular hazardous goods and materials management

SONAX, a leading manufacturer of car cleaning products, opts for PROLAG®World to manage its storage and production facilities. CIM’s warehouse management system is set to manage SONAX’s brand new logistics centre in Oberhausen, Upper Bavaria. At the heart of the…

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Notebooks for homeschooling

Education research institutes and parent associations are warning of the inequality of homeschooling during the Corona crisis. Especially in lower-income families, children often have no access to a computer where they can complete schoolwork at home. CIM GmbH, LINOS-FFB and the Hans…

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