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A state-of-the-art shipping system providing multi depot and multi carrier capability: this solution covers the full range of shipping and export processes in the warehouse, delivering goods to their recipient reliably and cost-effectively.

Get your goods on the right track with our shipping system PROSEND®


Good to know: the shipping system can be integrated with PROLAG®World or used as a stand-alone product.

The PROSEND® shipping system is an end-to-end solution covering all steps from importing address data through haulier-specific labelling right up to transmitting delivery data.

The history function facilitates long-term data archiving and offers extensive statistics functions. Intelligent extension modules for customs handling, freight cost optimisation and hazardous goods management support your individual shipping processes. PROSEND® already factors in the time of dispatch and delivery date at the picking stage, and the loading process is managed according to delivery routes and priorities. The system also considers the shipping type and dispatch time in order to determine the most suitable and cost-effective CEP service provider or forwarder.

PROSEND® provides optimal support for all of your shipping and export processes. Whether large, small, automated or manual, your dispatch area can be enhanced using PROSEND® functionalities. PROSEND® features a modular design and can be easily adapted to your requirements. The shipping system provides a number of standard interfaces to ERP systems, weighing machines, labelling systems or PLCs.


Key functions and modules

  • Dispatch handling through a host of CEP service providers, haulier and forwarders.
    The PROSEND® shipping system communicates with all the common courier, express, parcel delivery services (CEP providers) and forwarders.
  • Creation of labels and lists according to the requirements of parcel delivery services and hauliers

    Each shipment is allocated the appropriate parcel labels, freight lists and delivery papers according to the specifications of the parcel delivery service or haulier.

    All documents and accompanying papers can be created in various different formats including paperless formats such as email, SMS or RFID.
  • Automated customs handling with ATLAS

    The PROSEND® shipping system performs customs clearing through direct electronic data exchange with ATLAS, the software used by the German customs administration. Customs declarations are integrated into the user interface. The haulier receives the export documents once they have been printed.
  • Hazardous goods transportation by road, rail and air

    The handling of hazardous goods is subject to certain legal regulations. A number of these relate to logistics processes such as checking, packing, loading and transportation.
    Our shipping system ensures that these procedures comply with requirements, and that hazardous goods are checked, packed and loaded according to the relevant separation and segregation rules, and shipped with the correct ADR documents, accompanying papers and tunnel code. PROSEND® determines a suitable haulier with the resources and competency required to transport hazardous goods.
  • Track and trace, statistics functions, costing, freight cost optimisation and preparation of entry certificates
  • Interfaces to weighing machines, PLCs, labelling systems and printers
  • Secure air cargo handling

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