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Automation as the key to success

Automation as the key to success

The logistics industry both in Europe and worldwide is currently facing major challenges across all sectors.

National and international competition is leading to increasing cost pressure, while customers are demanding higher quality and faster delivery times.

A further problem is the shortage of skilled workers in the warehouse sector. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to find suitable personnel to help them meet customer expectations.
Especially in manual warehouses, where storage, handling and racking systems are operated by humans, the level of personnel costs and effort is high. There is therefore a growing trend towards warehouse automation, where processes are either partially or fully supported and optimised by machines.

Automation is undoubtedly the future of warehousing, however it is still important to give careful consideration to the question of when it makes sense and why. Automation clearly has enormous potential in terms of production and assembly processes. But other areas such as trade and retail, healthcare and the hazardous goods sector can also benefit from the advantages of automation.

Increased productivity, throughput and delivery quality are likely to be just as relevant in the future as easing the burden on staff and creating greater transparency and flexibility in the warehouse. In order to exploit this potential, it is essential not to consider software and hardware separately but to see the two as integrally linked. Only if the automatic components operate faultlessly and are optimally managed by the warehouse software can an automated warehouse make a sustainable contribution to successful and optimal warehouse operation.

Tips on how to keep your automated components running smoothly


  • Stick to tried and tested systems and experienced providers when implementing new components. It’s reassuring to know you have the experts behind you to help if there’s a problem.
  • Let the provider advise you and be open to new approaches that don’t necessarily correspond to your initial vision.
    When it comes to managing hardware components, go with proven software solutions that offer data analytics as well as control components. This enables smooth operation and continuous optimisation.
  • In terms of software solutions, look out for intelligent add-ons such as cross-aisle distribution to ensure that putaway and retrieval operations can continue even if individual components have failed.


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