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New User Interface by PROLAG World

New User Interface by PROLAG World
Our warehouse management software PROLAG World has a new user interface combining intuitive design with visual appeal and efficient functionality. The interface is designed for maximum flexibility, with simplicity, intuition and user-friendliness playing key roles.
User interface design has become a key aspect of the IT user experience in recent years.
One of the reasons for this is that software systems are no longer a rarity but exist in large numbers within a highly competitive market. There are generally plenty of alternatives offering similar functions.
This means that users who become frustrated by a system with poor software ergonomics and an outdated design are likely to switch to a different application.

In terms of the WMS market, the user interface has not always been considered as pivotal to the success of the software. This is due partly to the fact that conventional warehouse management functionality does not exactly lend itself to innovative design and artistic license. Warehouse management software is undoubtedly one of the most complex products on the software market. And the complexity increases the bigger the warehouse, the higher the number of storage transactions per day, the greater the level of automation and the more diverse the article master. The average logistics software solution has over three million different parameters to consider and is more complex structurally than an aircraft. To adequately this degree of complexity in a software solution, implement commands, instructions and logic and stably integrate them into a warehouse control system is the first challenge. And incorporating all of the required functions into a user interface that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing is nothing short of a mammoth task.

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