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CIM integrates NIMMSTA’s Industrial Smart Watch into PROLAG World

CIM integrates NIMMSTA’s Industrial Smart Watch into PROLAG World
By linking the smart watch with the requirements and specifications of our software, we now offer PROLAG World users high-performance processes with an optimised user interface. Munich-based NIMMSTA is currently at the forefront of transforming scan-based processes within the intralogistics sector. Meanwhile, we are leading providers of warehouse management software with our comprehensive intralogistics suite PROLAG World.

Hands-on experience as a key success factor for WMS software

At the heart of our success at CIM lies a profound understanding of the day-to-day business operations of companies spanning a variety of industries. Delving into a company's processes and workflows is the core focus of our software experts. After all, achieving optimisation in intralogistics is not possible without detailed knowledge: Every single process, from warehouse routes to location suggestions, from order picking to the intricate sequence of movements during packing, is mapped within the system's architecture. In our relentless pursuit of enhanced process efficiency, we are always happy to advise our customers on which end devices best suit their needs. In this age where mobile devices have become key tools for data capture, PROLAG World can seamlessly adapt to all common mobile hardware solutions thanks to its responsive design. We have always followed an innovative path to integrate the latest technology into our software: Once a niche product, industrial wearable devices have evolved into versatile tools which enhance material flow across various sectors. They bring software and user even closer together, cultivating a more organic interaction between WMS and warehouse staff.

As a testament to our commitment to bolstering both the ergonomics and efficiency of picking, we have recently integrated NIMMSTA’s Industrial Smart Watch into our WMS.

The NIMMSTA principle: Innate human movements as the path to an optimal work environment

NIMMSTA enables high performance picking with the world’s first Industrial Smart Watch, fundamentally revolutionising intralogistics. The optimised picking workflows are displayed on the innovative Smart Watch. Thanks to the bidirectional interaction between the worker and the warehouse management system (WMS), the picking processes run up to 50% more efficiently. In addition, a zero error rate is achieved. The high level of wearing comfort due to the ergonomic individual placement means 100% employee satisfaction.

The brilliance of the Smart Watch lies in its ability to enable a hands-free workflow. The surge in popularity of industrial wearable devices underscores their role as the perfect link between software, hardware and manual work.

Process optimisation across all sectors: Effortless picking with NIMMSTA

The Smart Watch unit consists of a cuff, touchpad and embedded industrial scanner. It leads staff through their tasks with interactive step-by-step instructions. Instant feedback from the control software helps to reduce errors, save time and optimise the material flow. The touch display facilitates direct interaction between user and system, with entries, confirmations and corrections being forwarded in real time. Mapped processes can be individually customised and are language-neutral.

What’s more, the Industrial Smart Watch is compact and ultra-light: It weighs just 45 grams and is hardly noticeable on the back of your hand. Yet it packs a high-performance scanner that can read barcodes from up to four metres away, achieving up to 8,000 scan cycles and up to 4 scans per second. This is especially useful for picking multiple components from an AutoStore bin, for example, and enhances picking performance significantly. Due to the impressive battery life, watches can effortlessly last through a full shift of eight hours or more. They use inductive charging with a fast-charge function so that that even multiple-shift scenarios are not a problem. Use is by no means restricted to small parts warehouses: The technology has also been embraced by the food, automotive, steel and many other industries.

NIMMSTA’s Smart Watch optimised for PROLAG World users

Even the most basic version of the NIMMSTA device is boundlessly versatile and offers an elevated level of optimisation for all parties. Optional integration and activation of the display and touchscreen is extremely simple and is designed using a plug and play approach. The key aspect of this technology for our logistics experts is the fact that the device operates in perfect harmony with PROLAG World. We therefore offer our customers a bespoke user interface for the NIMMSTA Smart Watch which is precision-tailored to individual user needs.

The interface stands as a testament to intuitive design and is meticulously calibrated for different areas of use. The space on the display is exploited to its full capacity with an ideal positioning of buttons and textual information. Each individual action is distinctly prominent, and specially designed icons convey the activities to be performed in a way which is intuitive and self-explanatory. The underpinning Bluetooth technology allows seamless communication between mobile devices. Each step involved in the picking or pick & pack process can be managed on a mobile device or performed directly using the Smart Watch. There is perpetual network-wide time synchronisation allowing multiple devices to harmoniously connect.

Ergonomics and efficiency in synergy with the WMS

The integration of NIMMSTA’s Industrial Smart Watch into the PROLAG World intralogistics software suite brings user and software even closer together. This union is underscored by the sophisticated and ergonomic design of the watch, which fosters seamless processes within the warehouse. Integration with the WMS ensures smooth and efficient operations, making it even more intuitive and organic to work with PROLAG World. Your entire logistics operations are transformed by the ability to use both hands while having an unobstructed field of vision and being able to respond flexibly to queries from the system. Thanks to the seamless merging of PROLAG World with the user’s immediate work environment, the warehouse management software evolves into a natural extension of the human arm.

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