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A great start for Logistics & Distribution

CIM presented “pick-by-pics”, the mobile process guidance solution based solely on pictures.
CIM presented “pick-by-pics”, the mobile process guidance solution based solely on pictures.

Almost 3000 visitors attended Logistics & Distribution, the new trade fair for intralogistics and material flows, at its successful debut in Dortmund. CIM GmbH was present at the German premiere of this internationally established fair format to showcase its solutions for intralogistics and material flows. Visitors were able to see for themselves exactly how the PROLAG®World warehouse management system works, and the benefits it brings.

The focus in Dortmund was on the PROLAG®Go voice-directed pick-by-vision solution developed by CIM. This innovative hybrid solution combines the benefits of pick-by-voice and pick-by-vision, consequently making warehouse picking process more efficient and reliable.

“Pick-by-pics” attracts a crowd at the Science Center

Daniel Wöhr impressed the Science Center’s audience at the Logistics & Distribution fair with his presentation on the “pic-by-pic” technology. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With this in mind, CIM intends revolutionising the intralogistics sector with its “pick-by-pics” technology. The goal of the PROLAG®Go application is to make it possible to work in an almost completely text-free environment. The application uses pictures as an alternative to guide users through warehouse processes.

More than 30 years of project and development experience

The PROLAG®World warehouse management software is modular by design and ideal for optimising existing intralogistics scenarios. The software streamlines internal processes and ensures smooth, transparent order handling by guiding staff through warehouse processes, optimising stock levels and continuously documenting goods movements. And all of these steps are of course tailored to each individual process.

For 34 years, CIM and its PROLAG®World warehouse management system have been positioned securely at the forefront of the intralogistics sector. The company’s software has a modular design and is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, autonomy and configurability. The system’s standard version also comes with a vast range of functions and offers a wide range of industry-specific packages.