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Flexible office for connecting better with customers and employees

CIM’s new flexible office can be used by staff on an alternating basis.
CIM’s new flexible office can be used by staff on an alternating basis.

Intralogistics software specialists CIM have expanded their presence within Germany. With their newly opened flexible office in Munich, they continue to live up to their reputation for flexibility and proximity to customers and employees. And according to information from company circles, there are plans in place to open further locations in Germany.

The new office in Munich is only five minutes’ walk from the city’s main train station.  On the one hand, this means easier access to transport routes and thus greater proximity to key customers. It also gives employees a third option besides working from the head office in Fürstenfeldbruck or working from home.  “It means that our Munich colleagues can save on their commute but still feel as if they’re part of the team. It’s proving to be a popular option”, says Daniel Wöhr from CIM’s press and marketing department.

The software manufacturer’s new location is a so-called flexible office. Staff are free to use the available workspaces on an alternating basis. There is a similar arrangement in place at the company’s head office where there are flexible workspaces available in each department.  “This gives our staff the chance to learn what goes on in other departments and also gain a greater sense of empathy for each other’s work and challenges”, explains Daniel Wöhr. So far the response to the new scheme has been very positive.

Further international locations for worldwide customers

Besides their head office in Fürstenfeldbruck, CIM has three further locations in Germany as well as a subsidiary in The Netherlands. Seeking proximity to their customers is a core part of CIM’s philosophy as it allows them to provide a personalised service as well as optimal project support. “There are active plans for expansion into other European countries to be even closer to our customers”, reveals Wöhr.