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Notebooks for homeschooling

Notebooks for homeschooling

Education research institutes and parent associations are warning of the inequality of homeschooling during the Corona crisis. Especially in lower-income families, children often have no access to a computer where they can complete schoolwork at home. CIM GmbH, LINOS-FFB and the Hans Kiener Foundation have therefore joined forces to improve the situation in Fürstenfeldbruck by donating notebooks to a local school.


A total of five notebooks have initially been donated by CIM GmbH, CIM employees and members of the LINOS-FFB group. The computers were refurbished by the Linux fans from LINOS-FFB and handed over to a local middle school in Fürstenfeldbruck by the Hans Kiener Foundation. “We’re delighted to have got a local company involved with our mission”, says Dr. Martina Fink from the Hans Kiener Foundation. CIM GmbH, an internationally active software provider with around 100 employees, has been deeply rooted in the Fürstenfeldbruck region for over 35 years.

The Hans Kiener Foundation – founded by Fürstenfeldbruck businessman Johann Kiener – supports social projects both in the town and the surrounding area. The foundation’s objective is to provide support for existing social projects in the local community and develop new, sustainable projects in line with Johann Kiener’s vision of aiding and supporting people in need.

LINOS-FFB is a group of Linux fans who meet up on a regular basis and, among other things, offer free training courses and seminars on a variety of Linux topics. The Hans Kiener Foundation generously provides a room where they can hold their meetings and training sessions. “Donating the notebooks is our way of giving something back”, says Alfred Pichler of LINOS-FFB.