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Carl Nolte opts for innovation and endurance

Carl Nolte Technik / Photo by Wattendorff
Carl Nolte Technik / Photo by Wattendorff

Carl Nolte gets its warehouse fit for the future with the newest version of PROLAG®World

Fürstenfeldbruck, 01/06/2021 – Carl Nolte Technik GmbH offers its customers an extensive portfolio of services, system components and technical products. The company has been working with CIM’s warehouse management software for almost ten years, and recently took a major step towards future-proofing its business with a release upgrade to the latest standard version of PROLAG®World.

Based in the German town of Greven, Carl Nolte Technik GmbH is a specialist provider of occupational safety and operating supplies, as well as hose technology and compressed air technology. Nolte’s warehouse stores around 54,000 articles held in a mixture of pallet racking and shelving systems, block storage areas and cantilever racks. A special feature is the conveyor system – also managed by CIM’s warehouse management system PROLAG®World. The conveyor is set on three levels and serves as a central meeting point in the warehouse. Putaway takes place on the first level. The goods are then transported by conveyor to the lift, where PROLAG®World determines which level they need to be conveyed to, a decision made with the aim of optimising the order picking and stock retrieval processes.  When the goods reach the target level, they are removed from the conveyor and taken to their final storage location. Picking takes place on all three levels. Staff pick the goods and place them on the conveyor. Again, PROLAG®World determines the optimal destination or the optimal route to be taken by the goods until they are discharged at the packing area.

Digitalisation accelerates shipping workflows

“One of the most noticeable effects of digitalising our warehouse has been the increased speed of processing at the packing area,” says Matthias Brüggemeier, project manager at Carl Nolte Technik. A shipping system was also implemented along with the WMS and has significantly reduced lead times at the packing area by selecting the best shipping provider automatically. PROLAG®World passes on information to the shipping system such as the weight or number of parcels. Based on this information, the system decides which shipping carrier to choose and the finished label is printed in PROLAG®World. “Employees at the packing area no longer need to worry about selecting the most suitable shipping provider - the software does that for them in the background,” says Alexander Huber, project manager at CIM.

Release upgrades ensure security both today and in future

The latest release upgrade has brought the software up to date both in terms of security and technology. One of the new functions implemented was rolling master data maintenance. Each time an order is received, PROLAG®World checks in the background if the customer already exists in the system and whether their data is up-to-date. If not, the system automatically updates the existing record or creates a new one. Even the smallest of optimisations at the I-point and the packing area enhance the speed and efficiency of processes, with regard to both cost and sustainability. What's more, the dashboard provides better usability in the warehouse: Staff can now keep an eye on stock movements and key warehouse figures at all times. “The new release has equipped our warehouse for future challenges and will allow us to integrate and optimise other processes such as production,” says Matthias Brüggemeier looking ahead. Alexander Huber from CIM is also excited at the prospect of collaborating with Nolte on future projects. “Our partnership is characterised by a high level of customer commitment and motivation. The team at Nolte has always given high priority to the software and come up with a lot of good ideas for optimisation”.