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Brake manufacturer mayr® launches fully automated warehouse with PROLAG®World

At a specially set up picking station, warehouse staff at mayr® can remove items from the automated picking station and pick them externally.
At a specially set up picking station, warehouse staff at mayr® can remove items from the automated picking station and pick them externally.
Mauerstetten, August 19, 2021 – Chr. Mayr GmbH + CO KG, leading manufacturer of safety brakes, safety clutches and shaft couplings expand their business relationship with software house CIM GmbH in Fürstenfeldbruck. Newly equipped with CIM’s warehouse management software, PROLAG®World, mayr® Antriebstechnik hope to future-proof their fully automated high-bay warehouse at their headquarters in Mauerstetten.

The binding forces of tradition and innovation

Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co KG have already worked with CIM’s warehouse management software for over thirty years. With the new fully automated high-bay warehouse at the mayr® headquarters in Mauerstetten, the two companies are now taking their cooperation to the next level. In opting for PROLAG® World, mayr® Antriebstechnik is embracing the rare combination of innovation and tradition represented by CIM – values very much shared by the brake manufacturer from Mauerstetten. Founded in 1897, mayr® stands for innovation and is the global market leader in the field of safety brakes, safety clutches and shaft couplings. With its broad product portfolio, the Allgäu-based component manufacturer safeguards movements of all kinds – from stage technology to elevators. 

Efficient warehouse management with full automation and PROLAG®World

The new fully automated high-bay warehouse paves the way for worldwide delivery of components produced at the headquarters. The warehouse is managed by PROLAG® World, CIM’s warehouse management system. “The decisive factor for awarding the contract to CIM was their familiarity with our processes on the one hand, as well as the close interlocking between PROLAG® World and the PLC in the high-bay warehouse,” says Andreas Bohn, project manager at mayr®

“The system can be gradually extended so that mayr® can adapt their internal processes in step with production and assembly,” explains CIM project manager Pirmin Weber, emphasising the challenge of integrating the new system. This has less to do with the complexity of the warehouse than with the requirements of the environment. Warehousing at mayr® is part of a complex logistics ecosystem encompassing delivery, shipping, production and manufacturing, as well as assembly and dispatch. “We have various different IT systems at work, some of which were programmed by our own in-house IT department,” explains Kevin Theil, a member of the project team at mayr® and head of operational support for the system.

PROLAG® World thus acts as the intermediary system and needs to be harmonised with an external ERP system as well as production and shipping systems from other sources. Pirmin Weber sees no cause for concern. “PROLAG® World is capable of adapting to a variety of different situations,” he says, alluding to the gradual phasing out of the old warehouse at mayr®. “It's a phased transition to the new business processes so as not to have a negative effect on production and assembly. PROLAG® World can handle this and react if necessary,” he explains. The system can be expanded to accommodate new or changing requirements, since CIM’s software suite includes modules for production and shipping.

Shared business understanding is key to successful collaboration

One of several special features of the new system is a dedicated picking station. “mayr® can remove items from the automated picking station and pick them externally if necessary,” Weber explains. PROLAG® World maps this process accordingly, allowing for better handling and efficient time management in cases where the picking station should not be occupied for too long even for complex picking operations. The new system also takes account of special features regarding the design of load units.

“Working together on the project, we very quickly realised that we had a common business understanding and a shared desire to improve and enhance the system. This kind of customer orientation approach is extremely valuable not only for us”, concludes Andreas Bohn, convinced that other customers will also benefit from the system-specific adjustments made at mayr® thanks to CIM’s standardisation policy.

Meanwhile, the team in Allgäu is very pleased with the performance of the new warehouse management software so far, although the system is obviously still in its early stages. “The full automation already promises benefits in terms of the ergonomics and efficiency of our warehouse logistics,” says logistics specialist Theil, who is visibly enjoying working with the new system. The changeover to the new warehouse is certainly well underway, and CIM also firmly believes that mayr® is well positioned for future success with PROLAG® World.