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LogiMAT in Stuttgart

LogiMAT in Stuttgart

CIM will be attending this year’s LogiMAT from 31 May to 2 June, highlighting new developments in its renown intralogistics software. Interest in the new user interface for the logistics suite has been enormous. The new browser-based interface is available as a mobile app, is extremely intuitive and boasts a modern design for an optimal user experience. Updates on the PROLAG Hazmat feature will also be available at the fair. And CIM will be presenting PROLAG Transport, its brand-new extension for seamlessly integrating fleet and route management into goods issue processes. The team at CIM is looking forward to welcoming visitors in hall 8, stand F58.

LogiMAT 2022 is fast approaching and everyone is eagerly anticipating the latest news from intralogistics providers at this special edition of the trade fair. Fürstenfeldbruck-based CIM will be presenting several innovations at this year's LogiMAT. Visitors to the software company’s stand will be able to take a close look at the new features added to PROLAG Hazmat, CIM’s module for managing hazardous goods and materials. In addition, PROLAG Transport will be showcased for the first time and our team will be demonstrating the new user interface (UI) for the entire PROLAG World logistics suite. Specially provided terminals will be available on site (hall 8, stand F58) so that visitors can try out the latest innovations for themselves.

CIM has added a core component to its intralogistics suite: PROLAG Transport. The new module allows companies with their own pool of vehicles to seamlessly integrate the fleet into their intralogistics processes. CIM's logistics experts have designed PROLAG Transport so that routing from the dispatch area to recipients is a natural extension of the goods issue process. Users also benefit from the support offered by the system in moving goods without the need for cost-intensive transport management systems. Using PROLAG Transport means that interface problems are avoided. The software is easily integrated in the PROLAG World Android app and can be used flexibly on all popular mobile devices.

With PROLAG Transport, intralogistics operations can go that extra mile. The system’s practical features significantly simplify shipping to the interim storage facility or end customer. The app uses existing article data and automatically assigns the best and most efficient route to the shipment. Use of intelligent order management means that transportation costs are minimised, and space in transport vehicles is allocated optimally for each route thanks to a management system for loading and unloading goods. Empties management brings further economic benefits to each route. Drivers can use the integrated incident management feature to act immediately in the event of absences or incidents during delivery. The app offers various acknowledgement options to suit different preferences - digital signature, employee abbreviations or the popular photo function for example.

Hazardous goods and materials are often present in the most inconspicuous everyday objects - cleaning items and electronics for example. To store and transport these substances, you’ll need a professional environment that complies with all legal requirements. PROLAG Hazmat is CIM‘s software solution for storing hazardous goods and materials in line with all relevant regulations, and for preparing their transport optimally. CIM’s functionality for hazardous substance management can be used to monitor quantities in specific storage areas for compliance with the relevant legislation, and also to manage bill of material elements for article sets consisting only partially of hazardous substances, as these are often not considered. Going above and beyond the requirements specified in legal standards for fire safety in intralogistics, this information is automatically sent to the hazardous substance list.

At the fair, CIM will be presenting an optimised packing area logic to meet global trade requirements. PROLAG Hazmat fulfils all international standards regulating maritime transport for outer packagings. Transport documents automatically comply with requirements for transporting dangerous substances (ADR, IMO declaration and IMDG). In addition, the intralogistics system makes the processes for packing hazardous substances much more efficient, accelerating and simplifying the goods issue process.

The new user interface for CIM‘s intralogistics software suite is the most exciting innovation that CIM will be presenting at LogiMAT 2022. The interface is designed according to the principles of modern UI design, with well thought-out functions and appealing optics. Numerous features increase usability and simplify the handling of complex logistics processes. User screens can be configured and changed to suit the current role of the logistics specialist without having to adjust system settings. This means that the software can offer intuitive usability while simultaneously fulfilling the needs of the logistics sector’s fluid labour market.

The user interface includes an attractive visualisation feature for warehouse automation, in which current data is used to show the conveyor system status and material flows across the warehouse. A dashboard provides an overview of the most important information. In addition to live indicators from the warehouse, a display of current intralogistics processes and helpful tools for task management, the system offers a business intelligence tool to complement the control centre and warehouse management functions. Among other things, the tool processes history data for later use in the decision-making process and makes the data available in structured form. The principle of simplification underlying the user interface is expressed in the integrated workflow manager: training and processes are measurably accelerated thanks to high usability and intuitive handling.

The team can’t wait to welcome visitors to CIM’s stand, where curious attendees will have the chance to try out the new user interface on specially configured terminals. Our logistics experts will also be on site to answer questions about new features in the PROLAG World intralogistics solution. This year, you’ll find CIM’s stand in hall 8 at stand F58.

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