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The trade and retail trade sectors are closely linked. They are in constant contact and are highly interdependent in most cases. Yet in spite of the similar articles and goods flows, the two sectors place very different demands on a warehouse management system.

Of central importance in the wholesale trade sector is the capacity for efficient, simultaneous processing of multiple orders. With functions such as parallel picking, two-step picking and multi order picking, PROLAG®World ensures a smooth and cost-efficient flow of goods. Our warehouse management system also provides reliable solutions for returns management and branch management.

The focus in the retail sector is on guaranteeing high-quality, secure and traceable deliveries to branch stores or customers. With integrated functionalities for expiry date monitoring, batch tracking and batch management, PROLAG®World guarantees fully-documented quality and security. Automatic order proposals ensure optimal resource planning.

Our warehouse management highlights for trade and retail

  • Two-step picking and multi order picking
  • Batch tracking and management
  • Monitoring of expiry dates, remaining shelf life and expiration alerts
  • PROLAG®Go (mobile process control)
  • PROLAG®World forklift routing system
  • Extension module for expiry date management

Latest news and press releases

PROLAG World as a standard solution in the medical sector

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the principal public healthcare provider in Qatar, is using the warehouse management software PROLAG World to continuously secure its medical services. With nine specialist hospitals, three community hospitals and a host of other facilities and services,…

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New User Interface by PROLAG World

Our warehouse management software PROLAG World has a new user interface combining intuitive design with visual appeal and efficient functionality. The interface is designed for maximum flexibility, with simplicity, intuition and user-friendliness playing key roles.

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