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High-quality bathroom accessories and extensive assortment of interior concepts.


  • Host system proAlpha
  • Database Oracle
  • Operating system Linux
  • Users 30


  • Single-aisle, fully automated container storage area (TGW) with approx. 5,000 containers for assembly supply
  • Four-aisle, fully automated, double-deep container storage area (TGW) with approx. 30,000 containers in the goods distribution centre
  • RF-controlled storage area for bulky articles
  • Sorter systems and 40 packing areas


  • Approx. twenty S7 and controllers and fewer S5 controllers
  • Conveyor technology
  • Automatic scanners
  • Scale interface to Bizerba
  • Sorter control system
  • Pick-to-light/pick-to-belt


  • Host interface to proALPHA (ERP system)
  • CEP service providers DHL, DPD


  • Fully automated replenishment of flow channels with MUSTANG stacker crane (TGW)
  • Picking with pick-by-light (pick-to-belt)
  • Small container management for special parts
  • Automatic scanning of articles and allocation to orders using a sorting system
  • Automatic warehouse control
  • Material flow controller
  • Batch management for full goods traceability
  • Shipping consolidation
  • Shipping system with DPD and DHL


  • Fully automated material controlling through to the shipping stage
  • Optimal control options at the warehouse control centre
  • Optimal warehouse capacity utilization through the implementation of ABC criteria
  • High-speed picking of full containers
  • Shipment consolidation with orders from external warehouses
  • Transfer of shipping data, automatic communication of weights and label printing at the packing area

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