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  • Host system SoftM Suite 3.0
  • Database SQL 2008
  • Operating system Windows 7
  • Users 50


  • Total storage area of 10,000 m2
  • 11,000 pallet slots


  • Host interface to SoftM
  • Interfaces to the ERP and WMS systems used by associated forwarding agencies
  • Remote data transmission to parcel delivery services, key accounts and e-commerce providers
  • Dachser interface – Dachser warehouse connected as an external and replenishment warehouse


  • Flow storage system with 30 channels
  • High-bay storage facility with 11 aisles
  • Narrow aisle storage area with double cycle


  • Batch tracking, serial number management and EDIFACT con-nection
  • Tracking of goods and packages right from production through to delivery at the consumer
  • Multi-step picking
  • Forklift routing system
  • Shipping system – generates haulier-specific labels and shipping documents
  • Wave picking based on delivery times
  • Triggering of replenishment via order simulation to ensure timely availability of goods
  • Entry of serial numbers at packing area


  • Automatic replenishment guarantees a smooth flow of goods
  • Reduction in lead times and 30 % increase in stock turnover
  • PROLAG®World integrates with the existing IT infrastructure

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