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RAMSEIER Suisse AG is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Switzerland, producing fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral water, syrup and beers.


  • Host system SAP R3
  • Users 10


  • 5,540 sqm of storage space
  • Production and storage areas connected by a 31-metre conveyor bridge
  • 16,444 beverage pallets
  • 300 different articles
  • Automated high-bay storage system (general contractor: Gilgen Logistics AG) with five stacker cranes and aisles
  • Stacker cranes with satellite vehicles (connected via WLAN)
  • 10-deep racking system for putaway and retrieval


  • Host interface to ERP system SAP R3
  • Interface to conveyor system (Gilgen)
  • Interface to five stacker cranes (Gilgen)
  • Interface to printer and printing of EAN128 documents
  • Interface to pick-by-voice devices (connected via WLAN)


  • Around 1,500 articles in stock
  • An average of 65 stock movements take place daily, moving between 5 and 20 tonnes.


  • Pre-picking at 148 picking areas using pick-by-voice.
  • Three roller conveyors are replenished automatically with the same article code.
  • Automatic inspection of inbound goods using permanently installed scanners. Pallets are checked for contour, weight and barcode legibility.
  • Putaway is based on A, B or C criteria, even distribution principles, batches and maximum loads per bay.
  • Route optimisation: PROLAG®World sorts the beverage pallets according to the scheduled delivery routes. The pallets are collected from the warehouse in such a way that they can be loaded onto the lorry in reverse order, i.e. the pallets to be unloaded first are readily accessible.
  • Visualisation: An overview template provides real time views of the conveyors and high-bay areas showing the current status of the warehouse. As soon as a conveyor, stacker crane, profile control, highspeed door or fire door reports an error or malfunction, PROLAG®World’s visualisation system indicates that this area is malfunctioning and marks it accordingly in red.


  • Automation results in efficient, optimised processes.
  • Sophisticated visualisation means that malfunctions can be detected and remedied at an early stage.

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