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Getränke Geins GmbH

Getränke Geins is one of the biggest beverage suppliers in South Germany with over 5,000 different products and a strong customer service culture.


  • Host systemGEData
  • Database Microsoft SQL
  • Operating systemWindows
  • Users Approx. 150


  • 30,000 m2 of storage area over three floors
  • Conveyor technology system running over more than 2 km
  • Approx. 26 km of shelf storage


  • Connectivity to printers (Zebra, cab, IDENTjet®)
  • Connectivity to RF devices (such as Zebra TC70)
  • Connectivity to pick by voice system


  • Interface to GEData (ERP system)
  • Interface to pick by voice system
  • Hardware interfaces to scanners, printers etc.


  • Storage: around 700 pallets and 200 orders per day
  • Retrieval: around 700 pallets per day
  • Fast mover zone as blocks storage area
  • Up to 50,000 mixed pallets retrieved per day
  • 3-shift schedule from 9:00 pm on Sunday to 10:00 pm on Friday


  • Owner and client administration
  • Order management across multiple logistics centres
  • Goods data capture through scanning of SSCC barcode labels and direct goods creation without additional information
  • Goods data capture also possible for non-labelled goods
  • Sample checks with authorisation barcode for authorised persons (goods receipt and goods issue)
  • Option of configuring an expiry date range in the block storage area
  • Picking for one single customer in the goods issue process
  • PROLAG®Go – mobile processes such as consolidation
  • End of work forecast: PROLAG®World calculates the predicted end of work based on the number of active employees and on historical order data
  • Location-managed dispatch areas
  • PROLAG®Print Services


  • Expiry date management and batch management
  • Increased delivery quality: prevention of incorrect deliveries
  • Improved service level and better monitoring of suppliers
  • Significant increase in picking productivity with the same number of employees
  • Space savings through optimal use of storage slots

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